What is the SPRT App!?

What is the SPRT App!?

The Problem:

Have you ever wanted to meet up with friends to do sport but not known where to go? Or maybe you’ve just moved to a new city and want to get to know people through sport? Or have you even ever just wished you could find all the best sports activities and groups easily in one place? So did we! That’s why our CEO and Founder, Jakob came up with the idea of creating a platform like SPRT

The Solution: SPRT

So what is SPRT?

SPRT is a tool which connects people through sport. Make your profile, choose your favourite sports and follow others, connect with people and send messages to each other. Join a event created by someone else that works for you or simply create your own event in as little as 45 seconds!

More than a tool…

The app is the tool and allows you to find people and sports events like no other platform but we go beyond even this: SPRT is a community too. We want to create a unique, worldwide community which helps people connect people and broaden their horizons. Anyone from a beginner to athlete level is welcome in the SPRT community and we really encourage people to use the app and community to strengthen their ties with their own community, whilst growing it at the same time.

The story so far…

We’ve come a long way in the last couple of years, and whilst recognising we still have much more to achieve, we’re really proud of where we’ve come from. Now with our App out on IOS and Android, we are seeing all of our plans and hopes coming into flourishion. Even in the last couple of months, behind the scenes the team have been working really hard planning the Motivator Monday events, building the community and attending events such as the Spielmacher Konferenz and WhatsGoal.

The future!

The future holds a lot of exciting things for the SPRT-App and the wider community. We are constantly looking to improve and develop what we have created so far and make it better than ever for our uses so we regularly ask for feedback, comments and reviews. You can find our Product Hunt profile here, we’d be happy for any feedback you can offer us. We are also looking forward to new and exciting events we have been working on such as our Art Run on the 13th October. We hope to see many new faces there and what better way to celebrate our App launching than to do what we do best…SPORT!