The indoor sports you should be doing this autumn!

The indoor sports you should be doing this autumn!

It’s getting colder but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to stop being active! Here’s the top indoor sports that you need to start now in order to keep you fit and to keep you entertained!


The perfect sport to let off some steam! Forget the office or your uni paper, bouldering is sure to be just what you need for your mid-week sport fix! Bouldering isn’t about how fast you can go or how many different sections you can complete. It’s about strategy and control. If you’re looking for something that will challenge your mind and body whilst also giving you the opportunity to hang out with friends- this is the one for you.


If you know us by know you know that we love yoga! In fact we put on a free yoga event once every 3 weeks!😉 But there’s a good reason as to just why we love it so much! There’s nothing that busts stress like yoga and nothing thats better to keep you moving well and feeling good throughout the colder months. Yoga is becoming ever more a sport with endless variations and styles and this means there’s surely to be something for everyone.

Leave your assumptions and preconceived ideas at the door. Yoga is for everyone and yoga is one of the most accessible ways to stay active!


Do you remember our post about how Beach Volleyball was the coolest sport of the summer? Well we’ve got some great news…it’s taking over autumn and winter too!

Volleyball has been growing in popularity massively over the past few years and now more than ever indoor locations are picking it up for the colder months! It’s a brilliant way to blow the cobwebs away and enjoy those lasting summer memories! Volleyball is a great game for anyone, of any age and level. So what are you waiting for?

Grab some friends and head down to a volleyball hall near you!


The up and coming, urban, ‘streetball’ is taking over traditional sports halls! Forget a relaxed game on a half-court with some of your friends, basketball is becoming an ever more prominent competitive sport in Berlin. There are groups and leagues for everyone, including many organisations now supporting wheelchair basketball. Although for a long time the basketball and streetball communities in Berlin have been growing, the sport has never been as popular as it is right now.

This game is no longer just for a Sunday afternoon and it’s taking Berlin by storm. Never tried it before? This is bound to be your new favourite hobby!

Have we missed one?

Comment below your favorite indoor sport for when the weather starts to turn colder…who knows maybe our next post will be all about your passion! In the meantime why not download the SPRT-App on either IOS or Android to make sure you don’t miss anything happening near you!