TEAM TALKS: 11. Anna- Russia, Marketing and Seoul!

TEAM TALKS: 11. Anna- Russia, Marketing and Seoul!

2019 has already been a busy year for the whole SPRT Team.

Amongst other things at the start of April we welcomed a new intern into the team, Anna, so in order for our community to get to know her a little better we thought we’d bring the TEAM TALKS blog series back and have a chat with her about what she’s hoping to get out of her time with SPRT.

We usually start with a little bit of background as to who you are and how you came to joining SPRT, could you get us up to speed!?

I was born in Russia, in a small town called Izhevsk- the majority of people have never heard of it! 😀 It is famous for its reputation in metallurgical engineering. When I was 15 years old, my family and I moved to Thuringia, a tiny village, where I also attended a Gymnasium. After my graduation, I was finally able to escape to Berlin to begin the journey of following my dreams! Currently, I’m majoring in Business Administration at HTW Berlin and now I’m also doing my internship in Social Media Marketing at SPRT.’

That’s such an interesting journey so far! What drew you to SPRT and how did you come to join the team?

During my university courses, I developed a strong passion for online marketing, which I have also chosen as one of my specialist areas. Sadly, I quickly realised that the courses were mainly theory focused, so I decided to do my internship at a startup and see how everything works in the real world and possibly get to participate in some exciting projects. Eventually, I came across the SPRT internship position at a job portal and decided to give it a try and apply because I really liked the ideas they promote.’

What’s one thing in particular you’re excited about doing whilst being involved with SPRT?

Learning about social media presence, how to engage with an audience and build a real community using the social media channels.’

How long have you been in Berlin?

‘Actually, less than 4 years! It feels like I just arrived here yesterday sometimes. So many things have changed since then and I was also lucky enough to meet so many people who share the same visions and views as me.’

Thats great, can you give us one reason you love Berlin?

I love Berlin for its versatility. In Berlin, you can be who you want to be and still be fully accepted by everyone. Also, it finally feels like being home here. I think I lost my identity during the past years of frequent travelling and living abroad, I don’t feel I’m completely Russian anymore nor a German yet, but now I can proudly call myself a Berliner!’

…And is it even possible to choose one thing that you don’t like about Berlin some days?

I hate Berlin for all the amazing food it offers which makes it nearly impossible for me to stick to a healthy diet haha!’

Brilliant answer, so what’s your favourite kind of food? Where is your go-to cafe or restaurant in Berlin?

Whenever my non-Berlin friends visit me and ask me for a good place to eat I always take them to Burgermeister, I love their burgers a lot. Spicy Korean Fried Chicken is also a must try for everyone in my opinion.’

Would you consider yourself sporty and what role does sport play in your life?

Being able to call myself sporty is definitely one of the few things I want to achieve in the near future. I always hated P.E. at school, and going to the gym has always been challenging for me. Thankfully, I realised that stress can be reduced by playing sport, so I’m trying to build a new habit by doing an amount of daily exercise and capitalising on everything SPRT has to offer in the world of social sports.’

What’s one goal you have for this year?

Reading more books! I have a bad habit of buying more books than I can actually read. (Fun fact: there’s even a Japanese word for this behaviour – it’s called Tsundoku.) I have also developed a HUGE interest in reading psychology books this year and there’re so many of them on my to-read-list already!’

Wow impressive! What’s one place you’d love to visit but never have?

Toronto! I’m a passionate traveller, but I still haven’t had a chance to see North America yet.’

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited?

South Korea (particularly Seoul)! I might be slightly biased though because I spent the whole semester as an exchange student there, it was honestly the best time of my life so far! Just taking a break from everything and starting a new temporary life in the random place was an extremely positive experience.’

And finally just to round our chat off, what 3 things couldn’t you live without?!

Avocados, books and good wine.’
Haha sounds like an easy decision! Thank you so much for taking some time out to talk to me today Anna, it’s been great chatting to you and we’re sure you’ll be a very valuable addition to the team!

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