The SPRT 2018 Round-Up!

The SPRT 2018 Round-Up!

As the year is drawing to a close we thought we’d take a moment to look back on what has been undoubtedly both a busy and an exciting year. When we think about our most exciting moments of the year, one thing in particular comes into mind…the release of the SPRT App on both IOS and Android!  This was a huge moment for both everyone in the team and also all of our community who have been following us from the beginning. However, we have actually achieved lots of other milestones in 2018 that our wider community might not be aware of.

So as a team we sat down and brainstormed all of our 2018 highlights and biggest milestones, to share what we’ve been working so hard on and to celebrate as we go into the new year!

Investors and Partners

Jakob, our founder and CEO, recalled the investment steps made in 2018 to be a huge milestone for SPRT. This year we welcomed some great investors on board and in May, a trip to the United States with the Bundesverband Deutscher Startups accelerated our global connections which we are continuing to build on into the new year.

We are really grateful to have all our board members and investors supporting SPRT and our vision as together they are a phenomenal board consisting of experts in their fields. This is something unique and their knowledge is priceless in aiding SPRT and the team make their next steps…So stay tuned!  We also collaborated with several companies and organisations to grow SPRT. These included among others: Capital Sports, Sweat and Shape and Tentaja, Vitamin Well, Citizen2be and Body Chief.

Internal Team

Although we have focused on building up a lot of things externally, we have also worked on strengthening our internal team in 2018. Building an amazing team with great capabilities is instrumental in executing SPRT’s vision and therefore, the expansion of the SPRT internal team with freelancers and interns was also a highlight of the year and something that we are super proud of.

Community and Events

One reason that 2018 has been such a great year for SPRT is due to our community. We chose to focus on building up the Motivator team in 2018, our Ambassadors and role models for the community who also give up their time to support SPRT. We have put on some other really exciting events this year such as The Berlin Beer Mile, supporting the Freeletics meets ‘Hallo Auszeit’ event and putting on two SPRT ART RUNs. Through all of these events, not only have we grown a lot as a team but we have also managed to create a real community of likeminded individuals who are all passionate about the same thing.

Online presence and growth

The marketing team have been working to grow our social media platforms to engage more people in our events and to grow our community on the SPRT App. We have managed to increase our event reach on Facebook exponentially and we have reached an amazing 80.000 people in the last year, 40.000 of those in the last 90 days.

We refocused our marketing strategy in Autumn to achieve a  new look and feel to our social media. In July we relaunched our blog page and our website in late August. This is something we are really proud of and have worked to make our online profiles more active and accessible to all.

The SPRT App!

Last but definitely not least we released the SPRT App released on both iOS and Android this year! Since the release in autumn 2018, we held our first feedback event where we got the chance to talk directly to our users and find out what they need and want from our platform in the future. We then had several lengthy discussions as a team about the direction of the application and are working with our new in-house development team, which we acquired at the start of December to constantly improve our product and challenge ourselves to make SPRT the best it possibly can be. We have already issued several app updates to increase the performance and stability of the SPRT App, and hope this is also something that we can continue into 2019.

That was 2018!

We believe as a team we’ve made massive steps this year and we have laid the foundations to make 2019 even better. We have some huge and exciting things planned and on the way and we can’t wait to share them with our community.

So what’s next?

As we look forward to a new year we are excited and hopeful to make it even better than the last. We believe that you have to aim high to achieve high so here are our top 6 goals for 2019!

  1. Make SPRT a success Europe-wide and develop our product to have a great product-market-fit.
  2. Understand the user better and give them really what they want.
  3. Conquer the (digital) sports world!
  4. Make the first step to bring SPRT to the United States.
  5. Embrace the vision of SPRT and involve it in everything we do.  
  6. Become listed as one of the top 30 Startups in Europe!

We hope that our community will continue to follow us into 2019 and support us by coming to some of the great events we’re planning and download the SPRT App to share with friends and find your next sports community!

Happy New Year!