Community Guidelines

General safety guidelines

The following guidelines are there so that every user can enjoy the SPRT-App. Therefore we ask you to behave according to the following points below. Please abide by these guidelines and the safety and friendly behaviour they adhere to in order to help SPRT be an open and supportive platform. The inability to conform to the following guidelines may result in your profile, events or other content being deleted.

  • The use of the App by people under 16 is not permitted

In accordance with our privacy policy and other terms and conditions, people under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the App.

  • Do not post any inappropriate content.

This includes: Spam, threatening behaviour, misleading information and general misuse. The use of names, photos, or personal data that is either false or belongs to another person is not allowed.

  • Do not post any personal information

We are proud that we have created a friendly and open sports community however please do not share your personal information via the platform.