TEAM TALKS: 3. Kheli- Kreuzberg, Boxing and Döner!

It's time for your third TEAM TALKS blog! This week I caught up with another member of SPRT, Kheli our Product Owner to chat about him, Boxing and the best Döner in Berlin!😉So, let’s get right into it and start by you introducing yourself to people that might not know you... ‘Well i’m Kheli i’m [...]


TEAM TALKS: 2. Aimée- Blogs, Languages and Berlin!

This week it’s my turn! For those of you that might not know who I am, my name is Aimée and I write SPRT’s blogs. Fearing a cringey self-interview post this week I asked my coworker, Stefan (from last week’s blog), to switch roles and throw some questions at me so here goes…!Well, let’s get [...]


TEAM TALKS: 1. Stefan- Marketing, LP’s and Artistic Cycling!

Welcome to TEAM TALKS! Our new blog series catching up with a different member of the SPRT team each week! Enjoy...This week I (Aimee-Blog writer at SPRT) sat down with another member of SPRT, Stefan our Head of Marketing to chat about him, Berlin and how he came to join the best start up in [...]


Multiculturalism: Our biggest tool in the office.

We thought you’d be sick of seeing us by now, but at our last Feedback and Pizza event you let us know that you want to know more! This being said, this week decided to you let you in on how multiculturalism works for us in the office on a daily basis. Team SPRT is [...]