The Motivator Diaries: 3- Mental Strength with Chris!

We’re back with the SPRT Motivator Diaries again! This week we caught up with Chris, another passionate member of our team to talk about fitness, SPRT, mental strength and dealing with change. When did you first hear about SPRT and how did you become a SPRT Motivator? ‘The first time I heard about SPRT was [...]


The Motivator Diaries: 3-Ricarda’s Journey!

You know the drill by now! We’ve been sitting down with our team of Motivators-the people who represent SPRT and push you to your limits every Monday! This week we met up with Ricarda, another of the Motivator team...let's jump into it and get chatting about all things yoga! So, starting off with the basics, [...]

Anna 5

TEAM TALKS: 11. Anna- Russia, Marketing and Seoul!

2019 has already been a busy year for the whole SPRT Team. Amongst other things at the start of April we welcomed a new intern into the team, Anna, so in order for our community to get to know her a little better we thought we’d bring the TEAM TALKS blog series back and have [...]


The Motivator Diaries: 2-Balance with Bea!

This week we caught up with Bea! You know her from our Motivator Mondays, John Reed events and our Hangar events too! She gave us her interview from sunny Barcelona to talk all things being a Motivator, balance and goals… Let’s get straight into it! How long have you been a SPRT Motivator? ‘I’ve been [...]


The Motivator Diaries: 1-Moody Motivation!

For anyone who know’s SPRT by now, you’ll know that we’re all about our community. Our longest-standing series of community events are our Motivator Mondays! Whether it’s Yoga, Fitness or Running, every Monday our team of Motivators put on the best, free and most energetic events to kick your week off the perfect way. Therefore [...]


Making time for what matters: Why I prioritise SPRT events!

Better me? Better mum!Before finding out she was pregnant, Zina told me that she really enjoyed being active and usually worked out for an hour every day. She said that during times in her pregnancy she felt like she was no longer in control of her own body, working out helped her to still feel [...]


Spreading the Spirit

Often on our blog page, here at SPRT we talk about our events and the people around us in our community that inspire us most, but this week we’re doing something a little different to normal! I’m Aimée, SPRT’s blog writer, I have been part of the team since the start of July 2018, and [...]


The Power of Community: SPRT In Practice with Annita and Kostas

Annita and Kostas are keen members of the SPRT community, their passion for SPRT is contagious. We’re all about engaging with our community and finding out how we can improve to be better for them and that’s why this week we met up with the couple who crush all of SPRT’s events!Moving into the unknown [...]


TEAM TALKS: 10. Marion-Community Sports, Start-Up Life and Nepal!

It’s that time again! Here’s your next instalment of our TEAM TALKS blog series. Last but not least we spoke with Marion, our new Community Manager!Marion, you’re already known by a lot of our community from the Motivator Monday events but just to get everyone else up to speed, as always, can you tell us [...]


TEAM TALKS: 9. Hannah- Massachusetts, Cultural Science and Expat living!

We’re bringing back our TEAM TALKS blogs!At the beginning of 2019 SPRT welcomed 2 new members of the team and so, in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be letting you get to know them. First off, we're starting with our new Content Management Intern: Hannah. So keep reading to see what we chatted about [...]