TEAM TALKS: 10. Marion-Community Sports, Start-Up Life and Nepal!

It’s that time again! Here’s your next instalment of our TEAM TALKS blog series. Last but not least we spoke with Marion, our new Community Manager!Marion, you’re already known by a lot of our community from the Motivator Monday events but just to get everyone else up to speed, as always, can you tell us [...]


TEAM TALKS: 9. Hannah- Massachusetts, Cultural Science and Expat living!

We’re bringing back our TEAM TALKS blogs!At the beginning of 2019 SPRT welcomed 2 new members of the team and so, in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be letting you get to know them. First off, we're starting with our new Content Management Intern: Hannah. So keep reading to see what we chatted about [...]


TEAM TALKS: 8. Jakob- Muay Thai, Entrepreneurship and SPRT

This is our last TEAM TALKS BLOG (for now!) so we decided to sum up the series so far by talking to our co-founder and CEO, Jakob. Keep reading to find out everything we chatted about on a busy office day, and make sure you stay tuned for more exciting articles coming very soon!It’s great [...]


TEAM TALKS: 7. Florian- China, Hertha BSC and New Year Goals

We’re nearly through with our TEAMTALKS blogs where we've been letting our community get to know the team, but before then we’ve got 2 more to go! This week for our penultimate post we caught up with Florian, SPRT’s Chief Operating Officer. So sit down, get comfy and have a read of Flo’s story and [...]


TEAM TALKS: 6. Vince-Real Madrid, Fitness and the Maldives

This week we’re carrying on with our TEAM TALKS blog posts and this time we sat down to have a chat with Vince, our Strategic Alliances Manager, to see how he got to where he is and to find out just what he loves about Berlin!Vince, lots of people see you at our events and [...]


TEAM TALKS: 5. Krzysztof-Events, Basketball and Role Models

For our 4th TEAM TALKS blog, this week we had a quick chat with Krzysztof our Events Manager, to hear all about his background before SPRT, his passion for Basketball and his highlights of 2018! Here’s what he had to say:Let’s start with a bit of background, can you introduce yourself and tell us how [...]


TEAM TALKS: 4. Lukas-Photography, Dublin and Monthly Playlists!

It’s time for another TEAM TALKS interview! Ever wondered who's behind all of our amazing photos and videos? Meet Lukas, SPRT's Videographer. His talent can be seen by anyone who follows us on our Social Media but want to know more about the guy behind the camera?! Keep reading!First things first, why not let everyone [...]


TEAM TALKS: 3. Kheli- Kreuzberg, Boxing and Döner!

It's time for your third TEAM TALKS blog! This week I caught up with another member of SPRT, Kheli our Product Owner to chat about him, Boxing and the best Döner in Berlin!😉So, let’s get right into it and start by you introducing yourself to people that might not know you... ‘Well i’m Kheli i’m [...]


TEAM TALKS: 2. Aimée- Blogs, Languages and Berlin!

This week it’s my turn! For those of you that might not know who I am, my name is Aimée and I write SPRT’s blogs. Fearing a cringey self-interview post this week I asked my coworker, Stefan (from last week’s blog), to switch roles and throw some questions at me so here goes…!Well, let’s get [...]


TEAM TALKS: 1. Stefan- Marketing, LP’s and Artistic Cycling!

Welcome to TEAM TALKS! Our new blog series catching up with a different member of the SPRT team each week! Enjoy...This week I (Aimee-Blog writer at SPRT) sat down with another member of SPRT, Stefan our Head of Marketing to chat about him, Berlin and how he came to join the best start up in [...]