The 5 stages of race training

Whether it’s your first 10km, 15km, half, full or ultra marathon, the preparation, time and dedication involved is all just as impressive! As someone who’s working towards a personal running goal or event, it can be easy to compare yourself to others doing 2 or 3 times what you are. This can be intimidating and [...]


Marathons Then and Now

Ballots, luck, training, sweat and determination: That’s what most marathons consist of nowadays but what have you ever thought about what marathons used to be like?A history of marathons: Whether you’ve run 10 marathons or can’t imagine ever doing one, there’s no doubt that they require a lot of effort but can you imagine doing [...]


Just keep going: Let’s run with our Motivator Steffi!

Many of our community are already familiar with Steffi, she has led many of our #MotivatorMonday events, and when she's not singing the SPRT rhyme at her own event, she's taking part in another!This week we caught up with her just ahead of Christmas to chat about her journey to where she is now and [...]


Running in Autumn-5 whys and hows!

Why?! Why bother running when it’s chilly and getting darker? We know it can be pretty easy to find an excuse to stay at home all cosy instead of lacing up your running shoes so we’ve got the 5 most important reasons why you should bother down below! Running in autumn is a completely different […]

Laufen ist ein Lebensstil!

Laufen ist ein Lebensstil!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Heute haben wir uns mit einem unserer eigenen SPRT-Teammitglieder zusammengesetzt, Gabriel Ghiglione: Head of Running, um über alle aktuellen Dinge, vergangene Erfolge und zukünftige Ziele zu plaudern! 1) Warum und wie kam Gabe zum Laufen? In seiner Jugend suchte Gabe noch die Herausforderung beim Fußball. Seine Leidenschaft für das Laufen begann jedoch erst an [...]