Making a difference: A sit down with Sophie and Nico

This week I met up with Sophie and Nico, personal trainers who use the SPRT App. Here are their incredible individual stories and how they are using their backgrounds for a common goal and drive for the future.Nico: Nico was born with one arm and for him school was difficult, not necessarily because of others [...]


Coming Out The Other Side: An interview with Sandra.

This week I, (SPRT Blog writer, Aimee) met up with another of our very first app users, Sandra to listen to her story and discover what drives her to lead kickboxing classes in Berlin after overcoming the odds.This interview contains some sensitive content in relation to eating disorders and body image difficulties. If you think [...]


Sport In The Office!

Ahead of our event in cooperation with WeWork next week we thought that this week we’d treat you with not 2 blogs as normal but 3!Here’s why should your office push the desks aside and do sports together once the working day is done! Dealing with pressure and deadlines. Everyone knows that doing sport is [...]


A Nutrition Chat with Undine!

Up, work, study, home, eat, workout, sleep. We get it! Life can be pretty busy. It can seem impossible to fit in leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing good food to fuel your body in the best way. Well, this week we spoke with nutrition blogger and one of our wonderful Motivators Undine, to chat [...]


The Greener Alternative

As more headlines are feeding us news of ever increasing restrictions on diesel cars, this week we got thinking about the future of a greener world less dependent on cars. Berlin has no central pedestrian zone, something you’ve probably not thought too much about until we just mentioned it! This is one of the things [...]


Making Mornings Less Painful!

Can’t we just hit snooze one more time!? Unfortunately for most of us, the 6.30am alarm is a harsh reality. Getting up for the daily grind can be tough, and we get it! Unless you relish the 7am workout and pristine morning routine (but seriously, tell us how?!) then you probably have the same struggles [...]

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Active, Healthy and Happy: A chat with Mireia.

This week we met up with one of our first, and most active app users. Even before the launch of the SPRT Mireia followed our journey, and now she uses the SPRT App to advertise her free yoga sessions.  So we caught up with her to find out her story and what motivates her to [...]


Bikes, Brunch and Balance!

This week SPRT caught up with Sophie, founder of double shot. to chat about just how important it is to make sure your training routine is balanced and fun!It’s getting darker earlier, and is constantly ever more tempting to stay at home cosy and warm, than to go out and do a workout. Well we [...]


10,000 steps a day: Fact or myth?

At a time when every sports accessory and online guide is telling you to that you need to walk 10,000 steps a day, we thought that this week we would tackle the rule head on to see if it really holds up! Here’s what we thought…. Is it that simple? Definitely not! The 10,000 steps [...]

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Wie Motiviert man sich am besten und nachhaltig?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Motivation ist die Grundlage, um jegliche Art von Ziel im Leben zu erreichen. Wenn man nicht motiviert genug ist, wird man wahrscheinlich in 9 von 10 Fällen nicht das erreichen, was man sich vorgenommen hat. Im Sport gibt es viele Aspekte, auf die man keinen Einfluss hat, aber die persönliche Motivation und [...]