The Motivator Diaries: 1-Moody Motivation!

For anyone who know’s SPRT by now, you’ll know that we’re all about our community. Our longest-standing series of community events are our Motivator Mondays! Whether it’s Yoga, Fitness or Running, every Monday our team of Motivators put on the best, free and most energetic events to kick your week off the perfect way. Therefore [...]


SPRT x Unit 1- The Future of Helmets

From Berlin’s fast-paced city cyclists to the snowboarders on the Swiss Alps......at some point or another, we’ve all been involved in some sport where we should’ve worn protective clothing and a helmet- but did we? Now more than ever, we’re more active but also more likely to leave the protective gear at home. To find [...]


New Year’s Resolutions: How are we doing?

Hi, It’s just us checking in! How are things going?Specifically we want to know how your new years resolutions or goals are going…The January Buzz Typically in the first few weeks of January, everyone is going full speed ahead with their goals, joining gyms or starting up something new. This is great! But then, as [...]


Digital Detox

What is a digital detox? The buzz phrase of 2019, this year is all about looking after both our bodies and minds and being a little more selfish in the best way. A digital detox is when someone makes a conscious effort to spend less time looking at screens! It may sound easy, but actually, [...]


New Year Same Me?

‘Oh no it’s a new year and I’ve not changed!’ We say GOOD!Whilst everyone is stressing about making, and keeping to the New Year’s Resolutions they’ve made, (10 days done 355 to go!) this week Sophie from doubleshot. and I, Aimee from SPRT, are here to tell you why you should chill out and sack [...]


A SPRT Christmas dinner with Undine!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year so this week we brought in foodie expert Undine to do some cooking with us and let us know her Christmas recipe recommendations to keep you happy, healthy and most importantly full during the snowy season!It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon of healthy eating at Christmas [...]


Making a difference: A sit down with Sophie and Nico

This week I met up with Sophie and Nico, personal trainers who use the SPRT App. Here are their incredible individual stories and how they are using their backgrounds for a common goal and drive for the future.Nico: Nico was born with one arm and for him school was difficult, not necessarily because of others [...]


Coming Out The Other Side: An interview with Sandra.

This week I, (SPRT Blog writer, Aimee) met up with another of our very first app users, Sandra to listen to her story and discover what drives her to lead kickboxing classes in Berlin after overcoming the odds.This interview contains some sensitive content in relation to eating disorders and body image difficulties. If you think [...]


Sport In The Office!

Ahead of our event in cooperation with WeWork next week we thought that this week we’d treat you with not 2 blogs as normal but 3!Here’s why should your office push the desks aside and do sports together once the working day is done! Dealing with pressure and deadlines. Everyone knows that doing sport is [...]


A Nutrition Chat with Undine!

Up, work, study, home, eat, workout, sleep. We get it! Life can be pretty busy. It can seem impossible to fit in leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing good food to fuel your body in the best way. Well, this week we spoke with nutrition blogger and one of our wonderful Motivators Undine, to chat [...]