Bikes, Brunch and Balance!

Bikes, Brunch and Balance!

This week SPRT caught up with Sophie, founder of double shot. to chat about just how important it is to make sure your training routine is balanced and fun!

It’s getting darker earlier, and is constantly ever more tempting to stay at home cosy and warm, than to go out and do a workout. Well we think we may have solved your problems (or at least we’re trying to!) Here’s what Aimee- blog writer at SPRT and Sophie from got up to one Wednesday to shake away the cobwebs and see just how to keep training fun!

It’s a chilly but sunny Wednesday morning, and after a morning in the office I met Sophie and we headed to Ride Berlin in Mitte. Where else?! Ride Berlin is known all over the city as the place to go to wake you up, keep you active and keep you smiling even when your legs feel like jelly!

A ride a day keeps the doctor away!

We arrived at the glossy ride studio, not far from Checkpoint Charlie and most easily reached by the U6 Stadtmitte station and we were immediately met by the great team.

Boasting multiple classes a day in both English and German, with different trainers and different types of music, there’s something for everyone. The environment could have been intimidating but it was the polar opposite. The classes didn’t discriminate and rather than just being a spinning class you got a proper full body workout. In all honestly, I had expected a lot of very slim and beautiful women whose hair wouldn’t move a whisper. This turned out not to be the case at all, we met all types of people, there was about a 50-50 split in the group between men and women and all body types too. People from all walks of life came to the class, students who had come for a bit of rest-bite from the library and those high flyers who had nipped out the office at lunch time to blow off some steam.

The class was high energy and non-stop! Not only was it a traditional class in the sense of spinning with variable resistance but there was also a lot of upper body and arm exercise involved too. I don’t know how we kept going but we did! …Well no actually that’s not 100% true the reason for coming out of the training room dripping but energised was all thanks to the motivation of our Ride Expert (Malin), (she’s great!). The whole experience was great and really refreshing to do something a bit different! Props to the Ride team!👏

An after work out chat!

After our workout, Sophie and I headed to The Little Green Rabbit to have a well deserved brunch and to chat about how we train and to talk about the importance of balance. It’s easy to get carried away with the weekly grind, whether you’re a couch potato or professional triathlete we all need a bit of a break now and then. The truth is, balance is important.

Especially in winter, when we all struggle with those winter blues, taking time for yourself is a part of keeping healthy! Whatever you’re up to on a day-to-day basis we get it…fitting everything in is tricky! We both work full time, i’m focusing on finishing my degree too and we both also try and fit in training whilst still grasping onto whatever is left of our social lives! Therefore for us, training HAS to be fun! The people and socialising aspect is what keeps us going and keeps sport as one of our priorities when it could quite easily slip down the pecking order!

Keeping training fun

We came up with some of our top tips on how to stay motivated and most importantly love what you’re doing, here they are:

  • Find your “thing” and whatever it is keep doing it!

Whether it’s skydiving or skiing, ‘training’ means something different to everyone, so you don’t need to run that 4.15 km pace to feel like you’re pushing yourself or achieving your goals.

  • Bring a friend along.

Kill two birds with one stone. Well, that sounds more aggressive than we meant it but you get the idea! Keep motivated and have more fun, whilst also fitting in your daily dose of sanity- oh, we meant exercise…

  • Be open to change!

Don’t let yourself get stick in a rut! Open yourselves to new types of sports but also to new opportunities to meet new people. Try something out of the ordinary and don’t hold yourself back.

We’re no top athletes, but we do both love socialising through sport. Everyone knows sport is an amazing way of getting out of your own head and meeting some great people the only question is, how can we keep loving it?! Keep it exciting and keep it different and even those 4pm dark Thursday evenings will become your new best training time of the week.

Please don’t forget to check out! Double shot. is the double-edged travel guide to Berlin, London and Barcelona’s wellness scene finding the best workouts in each city and matching them to something social nearby. Stay tuned to find out what Sophie, founder of double shot. and SPRT will be doing next! Until then…stay sporty!